"My name is Anahid. I am fourteen years old and tomorrow I will die.


This is a story of the two years that led up to my death and the death of over 1 million of my people. I have not only experienced the greatest tragedy, but also unconditional love, and the ultimate sacrifice.


This is my story."


When the world was lost at war, a silent genocide occurred in the corner of Europe where 1.5 million Armenians were tortured and killed in a failed attempt at eradication.


Anahid is a twelve year old girl in a new school. What should be a struggle to adapt to new friends and teachers turns into a journey of an entire culture's battle for survival. Even in the darkest depths of war and a genocide forgotten is a web of love, tradition, and surprising acts of kindness.


T.M. Williams brings a new level of story telling in this heart felt story of a culture almost lost.

Tomorrow When I Die

Literary Fiction - Releasing April 24th 2018