What if alien life did not contact us? What if we are alien life? 

Meet the Bohemian Grove trilogy. 

A woman named Carter discovers that she is of alien descent, an Anunnaki. An alien descent that the Vaticates, protectors of faith and religion, are trying to eradicate. 

As Carter finds that she holds the key to connect with her ancestors from the planet Nibiru, the Vaticates are successfully annihilating her alien race, one by one - with their target specifically set on her.

Jack is in the wrong place at the wrong time and ends up tangled up in the chaos and dangers of Carter's life. As they become drawn to each other Carter meets another who calls to her in ways she can not control. The only question is, is it because of their celestial link? Or because of something more?

In this remastered tale, Williams takes the reader on a unique journey that brings Sumerian mythology, a pandoras box romance, and adventure together. Read Bohemian Grove in a new light - or for the first time.

Bohemian Grove (Bohemian Grove Trilogy - Volume 1)