Alice Hill in silent wonderland

Take a journey through Silent Wonderland to Looking Mansion, where bells toll to warn of the house's cycles, and lavender doors are the only thing to save you from the Centaur that prowls the halls with fiery eyes and an agenda.Alice Hill arrives at Looking Mansion to support her friend, Buck Glass, while he's on trial for the theft of 6 bullion. Forced to wait outside while Buck testifies, Alice cracks open the doors to watch from the halls.


Unfortunately, she's too distracted by the events unfolding in the court room to notice the tolling of the bells. When the shadows start to seep from the walls, Alice knows she must find a safe place to hide or else face the evil that has come to find her.Alice's adventure through the house and surrounding gardens sees her introduced to a motley crew of interesting characters. Unsure of who is friend or foe, she makes her way back, with her dog Rabbit, to the courtroom and the friend that needs her, all while being stalked by the determined centaur.


Join Alice Hill in Silent Wonderland as she unravels the mysteries of Looking Mansion

"Such an interesting and captivating take on a classic tale! I was instantly hooked from the first page- as always with TM Williams' work. The character development was considerably deep for a novella..."

Anna Hyde in Jekyll Park


Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil was meant to be a positive virtue but for Anna Hyde, it's tempting fate. The unrealizing sociopathic heiress finds joy and pleasure in forcing victims to commit crimes that is completely opposed to their moral compass, just to see if she can. 

Lucy is a timid and meek girl hell-bent on bringing Anna to justice. But will Lucy find Anna before it's too late? Don't expect an open and shut case.

The second short story in the Twisted Fairy Tale series is a dark and edgy crime story sure to ruffle many feathers.


The Temptress

Arianna Grenawalt has woken up in a strange bathtub in an abandoned warehouse with no recollection of who she is or where she's come from. With a fresh suture mark down her abdomen and drugs just barely wearing off she makes her way out of the warehouse into a world she doesn't recognize. All she has is a single note left for her telling her, 'It's more than you deserve'. 

In T.M. Williams' 3rd book of the Twisted Fairy Tale short story series she adapts a futuristic Robin Hood meets Twilight Zone thriller. With elements that blend current social crisis with Williams' familiar dark fairy tale elements, get ready to go on a twisted adventure The Temptress. 

Publisher Note: Each book in the short story series can be read as a stand alone.