Table of Contents





Chatper 1: Always Be Marketing

Chapter 2: Production and Politics

Chapter 3: Sheeple Marketing

Chapter 4: What Does That Have to Do With It?

Chapter 5: Being a Woman in a Man's World

Chapter 6: Building a Quick and Trusting Relationship

Chapter 7: Mastering Networking

Chapter 8: Cultivating Relationships 

Chapter 9: The Power of Negotiation 

Chapter 10: How to Close Part I

Chapter 11: How to Close Part II

Chapter 12: How to Overcome Objections

Chapter 13: The Power of Silence 

Chapter 14: An Entrepreneur Raising a Child in an Institutionalized World 




Chapter 15: To Be or Not to Be

Chapter 16: The Elusive Industry

Chapter 17: Network Marketing, Direct Sales, and Affiliate Companies

Chapter 18: How to Fail at Network Marketing

Chapter 19: Product vs Service Companies

Chapter 20: The Industry's Dirty Little Secret - What They Don't Want You to Know 



Chapter 21: Setting Goals 

Chapter 22: More than Just Financial 

Chapter 23: Vision Board

Chapter 24: Baggage Claim 

Chapter 25: When it all Goes to Hell 


Chapter 26: Conclusion 


Bonus Chapter: Marketing for New Authors 


Final Thoughts 


The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of sales and marketing

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Non-Fiction / Business and Marketing / Personal Development

168 pages



Making a sale is only a part of the battle. Understanding the psychology of marketing and relationships to build long term success involves a science that only the top income earners understand. Novelist and award winning marketer, T.M. Williams, discusses marketing strategy, network marketing, and developing a 25 year plan that is accessible for everyone.


Everything changed the day long ago when T.M. Williams’ mother told her she would never be a good salesperson because she’s terrible with people. Since then, she’s devoted her life to mastering the art of marketing and sales through personal development. Being recognized by some of the industry’s legends she has gone on to win awards in marketing, create and sell brands, start and launch successful businesses, and train and develop marketing plans for thousands of individuals through her no-nonsense style of teaching. 

A published author of over 7 novels, business journalist and copywriting, T.M. Williams’ devotes her time to her books and living in the world she loves most; business. Originally from Los Angeles, she currently resides in Arizona with her husband and son.